Mr. Nguyen Van Tuong (born in 1973) is the Vietnamese businessman.

He has been the Chairman and CEO of Trầm Hương Khánh Hòa – ATC (Khanh Hoa Agarwood Company ATC) since 2009.

He is also the Chairman of ATC – Agarwood Museum Company which already own the first and the biggest Agarwood Museum in Vietnam

Since 2015, he has been the Chairman of Nha Trang Peace and Innovation Village project with the view to promote cultural and intellectual development and international intergration. The core purpose of this project is to spillolover the concept “Viet Nam – the nation of Agarwood” to the world.

Mr Nguyen Van Tuong is an excellent columnist with the main topic about Country development as well. His articles are popular and have milions of readers.